Where Creatives, Action-takers, Side-hustlers and Hobbyists come together to learn how to manage the money in their business.

Do you struggle with...

  • Pricing your services

  • Knowing how to budget or set financial goals

  • Worrying if your business is legally legit

  • Knowing how to track your income and expenses (or even what to track)

  • Feeling confused about taxes

  • Always feeling like you're doing it wrong when it comes to the numbers in your business?

Have you tried...

Ignoring it

Googling it

Phoning a friend

Just plain old guessing




That's because you are not alone. 

    Is a place where you can:

    • gain confidence in the financial side of your business by learning in a way that's approachable

    • get answers to your bookkeeping, accounting & tax questions (in a way that you understand)

    • have an "on-call" accountant when you're unsure of how to move forward

    • access a 1-stop-shop for resources that will help you run your business

    • a place to feel like you're not alone in entrepreneurship

    Meet your teachers

    We are both fellow business owners who understand the struggle of juggling many hats while trying to reach your goals. We are accountants that specifically serve small business owners so we specialize in helping entrepreneurs with these issues on a daily basis. We are here to teach, not just do, because we want to empower our clients.

    Ashley Waychoff

    Pretty Penny Accounting

    Ashley is a dog loving, Texas native with an affinity for sunsets & red wine. When she's not working, she's finding an excuse to travel somewhere tropical. She enjoys long walks to the pantry for snacks (bonus if it's chocolate) and her favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream is Bourbon Pecan Pie.

    Dawn Patton

    Patton Accounting

    When Dawn's not working, she's either curled up with a book, munching on snacks or crafting away, trying to recreate something she found on Pinterest (her favorite app). She's an ice cream enthusiast with an obsession for Chocolate Therapy and Cherry Garcia - the best Ben & Jerry's flavors! Or so she says.


    scoops of Ben & Jerry's ice cream consumed


    small businesses served


    years of experience


    years of accounting education

    What's included?

    Not just one, but TWO small business accountants!

    Both with unique experience to help YOU manage the money in YOUR business!

    • accounting, tax, bookkeeping questions

      Facebook Group

      This is a place to ask all of your bookkeeping, accounting & tax questions and get them answered by small business accountants. 

    • bookkeeping, tax, small business accounting

      Monthly Group Trainings

      Each month we will be focusing the trainings on different topics - pricing, taxes, money mindset, and more. We will be offering a live training in addition to releasing resources that will help you implement things taught in the group.

    • bookkeeping, tax, small business accounting

      Resource Library

      Everything you need to understand the finances in your business. Think PDFs, spreadsheets and recordings from past trainings. New resources added each month!

    • bookkeeping, tax, small business accounting


      The facebook group is where questions are answered, but it's also where connections are made. We want this to be a group where entrepreneurs can gather together, connect, ask questions, and support each other's dreams. We're not limiting this to just money talks!


    1:1 Intensives with Dawn or Ashley


    We want to be there to support you as you DIY and we realize that sometimes, you may need a little more hands on approach than the group setting offers. Good news is, our members get exclusive access to us! We offer 30 minute strategy calls for a special rate to The CASH Club members. These meetings are held via Zoom so that you can screen share with one of us and really delve into your business.

    We have a huge passion for helping entrepreneurs feel more confident in their finances!


    Don't take our word for it, take theirs!


    “If you're an online entrepreneur and you're considering working with her, do it! She is really smart, intuitive, and knows her stuff!”

    Jana Roe Osofsky

    “I have always thought of financial professionals in a certain way - usually in business suits and quite distant emotionally. It was so lovely to talk in a way that felt so heart to heart!”

    Francesca Elizabeth Woltanski

    “She answers your questions and shares her expertise in a way that makes you feel empowered to run your business!”

    Meredith Mitnick

    “I've never had an accounting experience like this that totally just broke down the complexities of accounting and put it in a way that I could understand, but also not be totally bored by.”

    Lauren Bordelon


    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

    What if I'm nervous to discuss financial information with other people?

    What if I need more help?

    Price (is it worth the investment?)